Advises for eczema sufferers

Bath/ shower

·         Warm water

·         Quick bath/shower

·         acid, oat based soaps, bath oils, perfume free

·         Wipe dry with a clean towel. Do not rub.

·         Use and abuse of fatty creams: fragrance free.  

·         Avoid lotions with alcohol

·         Choose quality products: avoid preservatives, fragrances and other irritating substances.


·         Soft detergents. Remove all residues, Do not use bleach and fabric softeners.

·         Avoid contact with wool and synthetic fibers

·         Avoid tight-fitting clothes and not wear too much clothing
because if you sweat you can get worse.


·         Do not scratch, nor rub. Scratching with fingernails causes small sores that can infect. To
avoid this, keep the nails short and clean. Sometimes the itch happens overnight, while
sleep without noticing, so it may be necessary to use gloves to sleep.

·         Avoid extreme temperature and humidity environments

·         Avoid contact with all allergenic substances.

·         Try to relax. Stress is bad for eczema.

·         Take care of your skin every day.

Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Visit the doctor especially when: 

·         Your skin gets worst and itching increases;

·         your skin is infected: redness, hot skin, fever.